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Andres Torres

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Job role:Designer - Artist

Skills:Visualization 3D Artist Illustration Lettering & Calligraphy

Line One 

High & Strong attention to the details. - Paradise is in the details - 

I am Industrial Designer, since 2007 I have combined the curriculum with the academic program of graphic design where I developed and acquired new skills in my professional career. 

With a big LOVE to the letters and great passion for the arts, specially the attraction to the fascinating world of calligraphy and lettering, I like to create compositions based on the experimentation of different sources and techniques as well as sizes and surfaces.

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Final renders
Posted about Convenient Bike Planter (CBP) by Melody

The C.B.P comes to life in a fresh 3d model.

The  GREAT ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to fight against global warming and also the best way to do it, doing exercise while planting trees ! isnt it great?

The Meeting has arrived!
Posted about Convenient Bike Planter (CBP) by Melody

It was so amazing to know the great inventor Melody, we talked about how she gets to invent the C.B.P  and also how was her process of thinking to come up with such an interesting idea and incredibly useful to exercise ourselves and at the same time add lungs to the planet which urgently need that us, we as human beings, we must take care of our planet and do something about the global warming problem like planting trees with the distinguish C.B.P

One of the good things about the meeting was getting to adjust the last details where actually we decide and agree to make some modifications in some elements of the C.B.P to make it more effective and powerfull.

She gave me some great direction on some extra little finishing touches and I propposed some little details tha finally we will see in the final 3d model of the great Convenient Bike Planter (CBP)