Little Inventors

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) wants to make Canada a country of innovators and foster a spirit of scientific exploration for all.

They have brought Little Inventors to Canada, to help turn the next generation into the superstar inventors of the future!

Canada Aviation and Space Museum Exhibition!

13 inventions designed for astronauts like CSA's David Saint-Jacques have been made into real things by Magnificent Makers from across Canada in the form of models and prototypes.

The objects are on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, as a part of Science Literacy week and can be seen the Discovery Centre!

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Calling all Canadian Makers!

Little Inventors turns children's ideas into reality with the help if our Magnificent Makers!

  • Makers and artisans are involved form the start, meet the Little Inventors, and become part of their creative journeys!
  • Magnificent Makers get profiled in our exhibitions and online galleries
  • See last year's made inventions and get inspired!
Become a Little Inventors maker
I immediately got it, it was a really exciting project, it is a great way to push STEM in the communityHelios Makerspace, Montreal

How can teachers and their schools participate?

  • Students are invited to work on their own ideas for useful inventions to makes life in space easier and more fun
  • Teachers will be given tools and resources to support the idea-generation phase with students
  • Students are invited to develop ideas on the theme of Astronauts living in space, but can also extend their invention ideas to space travel or astronaut training - as supported in the full resource package
  • Your students' invention ideas will be uploaded to our website and some of them could be made real - a fantastic inventive way to inspire your Little Inventors

News & Press

Prime Minister Science Fair 2018!

Two of the Canadian inventions were presented to The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, at the Prime Minister's inspiring Science Fair in Ottawa. Our little inventors were two of 30 projects on display.