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Annika Gonzalez

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Job role:Animator, Illustrator, and 3D modeler

Skills:Frame-by-frame animation, 3D animation, 3D modeling, and narrative illustration.

Hello! I'm an animator based in  Toronto, Ontario and I specialize in digital frame-by-frame animation. I work digitally so a majority of my works use dark lines and are coloured in a vector style, but sometimes I like to merge the flat look of digital art and the tactile nature of physical art into one piece.
I also do 3D animation once in a while and I mostly create 3D models.

Recent project reports

Coloured Model!
Posted about Turtle camera claw by Meghan

I spent this morning colouring the turtle. I coloured it according to Meghan's drawing. I also added a light to the lightbulb above the camera eye. I think it's coming together :)

3D Model Version 2
Posted about Turtle camera claw by Meghan

The past week, I've actually been playing around with the design more. I'm much happier with this version and I think it better resembled Meghan's drawing. I made the turtle a lot wider since I noticed how thin I originally made it.

As for the claws, I made them more rectangular and only put 3 of them.  I also added another section for the turtle's arms so that it could better reach the compartment in its shell. Speaking of the shell, I finally added the lid!

This version of the turtle is basically finished so I will be colouring it this week, then I'll rig it. In animation, when someone says they're rigging something, it means they're adding a skeleton to it. Adding a skeleton to a model (or a 2D drawing for a 2D animation) makes it easier for the model to move.

3D Model Version 1
Posted about Turtle camera claw by Meghan

The past couple of months, I've been playing around with the turtle design. The first version was very rough since I wanted to play around with the design of the claws. Here's the work in progress of the first pass of the model! As you can see, unlike Meghan's design, there are 4 claws instead of 3, and they're more like a cylinder rather than a rectangle. I wasn't very happy with it so I decided to continue tweaking it so that the claws were more like how Meghan envisioned it.

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