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Dream Tent

Manchester, Greater Manchester, U.K.


Skills:We have a bit of everything between the 5 of us - metal, wood, plastic, textiles etc.

We are a group of Interior Design and Fashion students

Recent project reports

Posted about Tente de rêve by Maria

Finally the tent was created! and it was time to decorate! we all pitched in as a group and it was all hands on deck. to drape across the top of the tent we had this hemp fabric the dyed in a galactic colour pallet of deep purple, blue and red. we then embellished that with draping feathers to pay homage to the dreamcatcher. we believed that this was a nice touch and made it more distinctive than any other ordinary tent from the outside. we stoned the inside of the tent with gems. to add a personal touch to the dream tent. we made our star sign constellations into the tent which was nice. we kept the colour theme through out which is what made this tent so strong visually. as a group, we were all so pleased with the final outcome and hope that this lovely idea comes to an astronaut soon as it could help them feel more at home in there fairly metallic and cold environment.

Tent time!
Posted about Tente de rêve by Maria

It was finally time to start the actual making of our tent. We went for a dark blue fabric because we loved the colour and the quality was amazing. The fashion students had a lot to do in that department as they are the most experienced and also very talented on the sewing machine! in the mean time whilst the fashion students were creating the magnificent tent, the interior design students were to investigate what kind of atmosphere we wanted to create. This was exciting because the child that created this tent didn't really give anything when it came to the actual inside of the tent which gave us a big opening to do something imaginative and creative! seeing as this may not go into space and we considered the practicality of it actually going into space, so we decided if it ever did or didn't that we would bring the stars  into the tent itself creating a perfect sleeping atmosphere. The fabric for the tent is also very dark so it blacks out the entire of the inside of the dream tent. We brought in a star projector also and had the idea of embellishing the interior with gems and stones so that the star projector would reflect light off of them.  Attached is the star projector and a visual of the interior of the tent prior to it being made

Visuals / Concepts
Posted about Tente de rêve by Maria

We needed more of a realistic visual of what the tent would look like. This was after choosing the original shape of tent from the original drawing after the model making and research! Creating a visual on photoshop was straight forward and assisted along side the research and model making. This then lead on to the exploration of what a dream tent actually is and what paths could we potentially go down when it came to concepts for this imaginative tent. Dreamcatchers became a hot topic in our group. We wanted to incorporate that into the tent design because it is for sleeping after all. images provided are visuals and the development of our dream tent concept.

Ideas brought to life