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Joan Nuguid

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Job role:2d Animator

Skills:2d and stop motion animation, clay moulding, character design, bookbinding.

I'm a 2d animator who dabbles in stop motion and clay moulding. I enjoy mixing analog and digital mediums to create hybrid installations. I am currently based in Toronto, pursuing a degree in Ocad University.

Recent project reports

Animatic adventure
Posted about The Termanater by Benjamin

Making the animatic! I had to compile all my loose paper notes to form a cohesive narrative, I had them numbered and ready to go but I also need to figure out the phasing and the timing of my animation, that's where the animatic comes in handy! For this I drew them all digitally and added arrows and directions for myself, that make's it easier to follow. I love making animatics, mostly because I can finally see how the animation is going to look like, minus the colour and the smooth transitions, of course, but this is where it really starts to take shape, which is really exciting.

Rough StoryBoard
Posted about The Termanater by Benjamin

After doing the concept art and figuring out the general colour scheme of the animation, I started doing the rough outlines of my storyboard! Nothing in the storyboard is final and knowing that I don't have to stick to it allowed me to play around with the placement of the frames.

Concept Art!
Posted about The Termanater by Benjamin

I've been brainstorming ideas to bring The Termanater to life! On the top of my list are colour and form. I thought the main machine should be visible even from afar which made me think of bright colours while the drones should correspond with the colours of their environment. I also added a solar panel on top of the main body so it would get its energy from the sun while simultaneously storing power for when it gets dark or rainy.

Ideas brought to life