Little Inventors

Joan Nuguid

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Job role:2d Animator

Skills:2d and experimental animation, character design, character turnaround.

Joan Nuguid is a Filipina born artist residing in Toronto, Canada. At best, her work is intimate and personal, deeply inspired by her daily life and experiences as an immigrant woman. She is interested in telling compelling stories that are both complex and easily digestible. Her work has been shown locally in The Ignite Gallery, The Ada Slaight Gallery, The Little Inventor’s program supported by NSERC and recently in Paradise Theatre for TAIS. Her upcoming works include another project with The Little Inventors team and Video Fever 2022 hosted by TSV. Currently she’s pursuing a BFA in Ocad University.

Recent project reports

The Mola Mola
Posted about Scrub-a-Bub-Bub by Summer

I've been watching the BBC for more fish movement inspiration! What caught my attention was the Mola Mola, the largest bony fish, it looks really cool so I wanted to have it in the animation. A big friendly fish swimming near the scrub-a-bub-bub I think really elevates the atmosphere. Animating fishes swimming across the screen is really satisfying, I can't wait to see the pieces all together.

Scrub-a-bub-bub (rough animation)
Posted about Scrub-a-Bub-Bub by Summer

I was inspired by the animation style from Studio Ghibli and I want to incorporate that in this animation. This time instead of using sticky notes to plan the storyboard, I decided to come up with a general movement for the entire animation and continue adding to that. I think this will make the animation more fluid and spontaneous. The camera will be panning down when the animation starts and as we continue down at the bottom of the ocean, we will see fish life. This will continue until we see the Scrub-a-bub-bub, from there we’ll zoom into the mechanics. At this stage, it’s important that the colours are analogous so the animation looks coherent throughout. So, back to the drawing board for me!

Scrub-a-bub-bub :)
Posted about Scrub-a-Bub-Bub by Summer

I had a lot of fun doing designs and tweaking them when Summer and I had our chat. We agreed to add a solar panel and a smiley face in the exterior. I love how Summer incorporated old toothbrushes on her invention, its one of the features that stood out to me. Another thing  I considered was the colours, I wanted to make sure that it blended in with the rest of the oceans so fishes wont consider it a threat.