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Skills:My main skills as a maker include 2D puppet animation, as well as painting.

Hello, my name is Robert and I am very excited to partake in making  a little inventor's idea come to life! I am in my final year at OCAD University and think this is a wonderful opportunity to apply my skills, while learning and growing along the way. When I am not working on class assignments or personal art projects, I enjoy reading and playing video games.

Recent project reports

Posted about The Ozonator by Diya

In the last couple of weeks of April, after working through the storyboard and getting all my assets ready, I was finally able to start animating! The process always takes longer than you expect, but the results of seeing the still images moving and adding in sound in order to make the animation really brings it all together. I was able to finish up the animation and was waiting for any feedback to get the last details polished up, in order to share the best animation for the Ozonator possible. I've included some stills from the current animation (nothing is set in stone yet), it really shows the difference between the process work and what it looks like when it is coming together! Hopefully everyone enjoys the final version coming soon!

Posted about The Ozonator by Diya

Early/mid April, I was working on storyboarding the idea for the animation, to make the Ozonator shine. I was able to ask my mentor for feed back in order to ensure the animation would have a nice flow and the invention was explained well. After editing the storyboard, I was able to get started on making the assets. Essentially, just cleaning up the rough work from the storyboard/concept art to get them ready for animating! I've included the storyboard to show the basic storyline.

Meeting With Diya
Posted about The Ozonator by Diya

I had the great pleasure of having a meeting with Diya, the inventor behind the Ozonator, at the end of March. I was so happy to hear what she is up to and know that she is staying creative. I was happy to be able to show her some of my previous works so she has an idea of what I can make - and how her invention would be brought to life. I also had some concept art ready  based on Diya's original drawing to prepare for animating, as well as getting a better understanding of how exactly the Ozonator works.

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