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Sofia Velosa Borges

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
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Job role:Animator, Illustrator, graphic designer

Skills:Digital animation, traditional animation, character design, background design, rotoscoping.

I'm Sofia, currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. I'm an animator most of the time, but I also do illustration and graphic design! I love creating funky animations with vibrant colors, textures, and a lot of movement. Sometimes I like to add some abstraction to my work and creating very busy and full animations. Most of my work is digital but I also like experimenting with stop motion using found objects to make animated collages.

Recent project reports

Sea Otter Robot
Posted about Sea Otter Robot (S. O. R.) by Linden

With Linden's help, I designed the S.O.R. with bright colours that help signal other animals for danger! The eyes have dots around them that help scan other animals, it has a bag inside its belly to collect the trash and is a really good swimmer!

Colourful Fish animation
Posted about Sea Otter Robot (S. O. R.) by Linden

This is a small animation to show some really colourful fish that live under the sea, an example of many of the lives the S.O.R. is protecting!

Invasive species
Posted about Sea Otter Robot (S. O. R.) by Linden

I decided to draw a few crabs as the invasive species, they will be eating the sea weeds and disturbing other fish, so the S.O.R. will drive them away and restore balance!

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