Little Inventors

Twyla Exner

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada


Job role:Artist

Skills:Sculpture, Drawing, Fibres

Twyla Exner is a Canadian artist investigating the wonders of nature and the idea of electronic technologies gone awry.  She uses the materials and imagery of discarded electronic technologies to create whimsical and worrisome sculptures, drawings, and installations that propose hybrids of technological structures and living organisms using craft based and handmade methods.

Recent project reports

Garbage Sea Sweeper!
Posted about The Garbage Sea Sweeper by Luiza

I wove the net of the Garbage Sea Sweeper using metal wire as well as nubs from the bottom of a plastic pop bottle.  I liked the idea of incorporating plastic waste into the design itself and the plastic also allows us to see the skeleton of the sharky-fish.  I imagine that the skeleton is mechanical and helps the creature to swim.  I'm very excited to have completed this sculpture.  Thanks to Luiza and Little Inventors for this opportunity.  I had so much fun making the Garbage Sea Sweeper!

Net Time!
Posted about The Garbage Sea Sweeper by Luiza

Initially I was going to create an entirely woven net, but I thought it might be interesting to incorporate some of the plastic waste itself into the sculpture.  I cut the little nubs off the bottom of a pop bottle, poked holes in them with a tack, and then sewed wire braids around the outsides of them so that I can include them in the net of the Garbage Sea Sweeper.

Posted about The Garbage Sea Sweeper by Luiza

The Garbage Sea Sweeper's body is ready to go!  Now all it needs is a net.

Within this work, I tried to capture how Luiza's drawing is cute but also a little scary.  I think this Sharky-Fish looks cute but mischievous.  I hope it looks scary enough to frieghten fish away while it collects garbage from the ocean.

Ideas brought to life